PD340 C25, max. 8 m³/h

    The PD340 is a high precision flow transmitter suitable for sanitary applications in the food industry as well as for industrial purposes. Due to its precision, PD340 is the preferred choice for custody transfer.

    Optimised for high accuracy and linearity, even if the viscosity or the liquid changes. No moving parts, no maintenance. Volumetric measurement in m³, litres, U.S. gallons, etc.

    Built-in features in all versions of the electronic module are: Simple display connection, two counters for totalising the volume flow, batch control function, two pulse outputs, and inputs for temperature sensor and digital signal.

    Additional features are available in the extended version of the electronic module: 4-20 mA analogue output, built-in PI-regulator, 3-phased output, and fieldbus communication via P-NET, or via Profibus DP, using the PD385 Terminal box.

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